Aren't bike flats the worst? Yes. Yes, they are. Because they always seem to come at the worst time. There you are, at a standstill by the roadside, sweating bullets as you picture squandering your chance with the girl—or job—of your dreams due to a basic inability to be punctual.

Don't despair. Turns out, all you need are tire levers, a pump, and something to cut with. (Items you carry on you at all times anyway, amirite?) Pop off the tire and slice the tube close to where the hole is. Knot the two halves of the tube together tightly to make it airtight. Then, stuff the tube back into your tire, pump it up, and off you go.

Your ride might be a bit bumpy because of the knotted tube. But your resilience could earn you some bonus MacGyver points with your date, or boss.

[via Art's Cyclery Youtube channel]