There's a new cat in the house and – counter to expectations – he's a boy-cat: Nébule. A small-town Quebec cat, he is quite the handful. He freaking loves the laser pointer; he does a good squeaky toy impression, and he wasted no time to introduce himself to the others.

Only 3-4 months old, he's tiiiny and also really light. Here's Nébule sneaking around under the kitchen table:

And here he is, meeting the other two resident cats:

Nébule meets Dexter


Dexter is my cat. I suspect he cares more for other cats than he cares about people—except for when he's hungry. Then you're his bestest friend. He is also sneaky as fuck: he has figured out how to open some of the doors and loves climbing into cupboards and dresser drawers.

Nébule meets Koukou


Aged 10, Koukou is the grouchy éminence grise of the house. He's a Himalayan. He can be affectionate, but he mostly watches from a distance with a Grumpy-like scowl on his face and will make his disapproval known with a growl. He got something of a "tribal haircut" recently when a housemate and I shaved off some of his matted clumps – until he rebelled.

Welp, that concludes our first instalment of Feline Diplomacy. Post your cat co-habitation tips, pics or videos in the comments.