6 Things Learned While Working A Call Centre Job

Working in a call centre is nobody's dream job, but for some of Generation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it is a grim fact of post-college life. For five years I answered phones for the kind of conglomerate your typical American multi-national outsources jobs to. These are some of the things I saw and learned. » 6/30/14 6:50pm 6/30/14 6:50pm

Crazy Downhill Biker Sets Course on Fire—With No Tire

A bike tire blowout is dangerous at any speed, but especially so when you're hurtling over rocks and roots faster than zero miles per hour—which is my preferred speed. Yet it didn't seem to faze downhill mountain biker Aaron Gwin, who was racing in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup event in Leogang, Austria, this… » 6/16/14 8:30pm 6/16/14 8:30pm

Adjust the Hubs on Your Beater Bike—the Lazy Hacker Way

The trick to squeezing every last penny and mile out of a beater bike – that jalopy you ride every day and leave out in the rain – is to put in only the minimum time and effort required to keep it running adequately. In that spirit, here is a quick and dirty guide to greasing up and aligning your bike's wheel hubs. » 6/16/14 11:55am 6/16/14 11:55am

Remove A Bike's Stuck Bottom Bracket With This DIY Tool

Although restoring a rusty and abandoned bike is a worthy weekend project, a stuck or stubborn bottom bracket can derail your whole show. Throw enough WD-40, leverage, and a DIY tool at the problem, however, and you can get your bicycle project back on track. » 6/06/14 2:15pm 6/06/14 2:15pm

This Photo Explains the Two Basic Types of City Bikes

There are all kinds of bikes you could ride in the city – and some which you shouldn't — but as far as a serious commuting rig is concerned, I think it boils down to the two types you can see above: vintage steel road bikes and hybrid bikes. » 5/27/14 5:40pm 5/27/14 5:40pm