High speed cameras can be great fun. I worked as an engineer in a factory that produced high speed packaging machinery. Sometimes, the only way to figure out what was causing malfunctions at high speeds is to film it with a high speed camera. Then, you can see exactly what was happening in slow motion, and correct it.… »3/24/14 8:40am3/24/14 8:40am

Anytime something happens in a public place these days, there's a good chance it'll be filmed—because at all times, at least one person is likely to have their phone out and on record. In a restaurant with twenty patrons, two or more will be making silly Vines, taking pictures of their food, or Snapchatting selfies at… »3/02/14 2:58pm3/02/14 2:58pm

Oh my god! Something like this totally happened to my friend Sarah in the cafetorium at WHMS in 7th grade!! We were sitting there minding our own business and everything, eating tater tots and totally NOT talking about Jared when this 8th grade bitch girl totally walked up to us, grabbed Sarah's Trapper Keeper — the… »2/26/14 4:40pm2/26/14 4:40pm

2 Bikes You Should Ride, 7 You Shouldn't, and 1 to Make You Baby Crazy

Modern cycling is an empire built largely on the backs of doped-out athletes and affluent aging men. It's made up of warring fiefdoms, their fortunes always shifting, each with its own symbols, slang, and proprietary tools. And the bike show is a circus, where cycling's barons show off their swagger and their latest… »2/17/14 2:30pm2/17/14 2:30pm